The bond films

Please excuse the poor standard of grammar, I am writing this on my phone, one handed, using a combination of predictive text and that cool freehand keyboard feature on Android. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s surprisingly accurate! Note to self: edit this text later.

So the bond films need no introduction really, for the uninformed there’s always Wikipedia. Let’s get straight on with it. The actual rankings will come later, first here is my basic synopsis of each film.

Dr no

Very dated now and fairly simple plot. Bond goes to an island, meets a good looking girl, gets captured, has dinner with villain with claw hands, escapes, foils the plan. Classic bond. Not one of my favourites

From Russia with love

Just the whole bit with the Orient express wins it for me. Classic sixties fight scene.


Is this the definitive bond film? Girls, gadgets, gold, the Aston Martin. The bum slapping man talk bit shows the film’s age. Great dialogue.


Really good plot as far as bond films go. Renowned for the underwater sequences.

This could take a while, I’ll come back to it later!




The classic first post by a developer with little spare time

Oh my days, not another one. What is it with developers like me, who persist on starting blogs/websites that they destined a) never to finish and b) rarely update.

How did I get here? Well I host a couple of websites for people and I wanted to try a different host. So I picked one that offered a free domain name.

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